Home security checklist

Improve your home security

Use this checklist to make sure your home is as secure as possible.

1. Replace hollow doors

Get the right entrance door. Knock on the door you have now. If it is hollow, replace it with one made from fiberglass, solid wood or metal.

2. Replace broken door locks

A broken door lock isn’t secure - check your locks and replace any broken ones with the locks below.

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3. Add a keyed deadbolt lock to exterior doors

If it doesn’t have one already, adding a deadbolt to external doors greatly increases your security. Replace older locks with a door handle-set - or if you can afford it a digital door lock for added security and convenience.

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4. Add a cylinder guard on exterior door locks

Older cylinders are vulnerable to physical attack, but by fitting a guard you can protect them - and your home.

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5. Replace flimsy strike plates and secure them with 3-inch screws

As well as the lock, the strike plates are vital to maintain security. Check them and if they are not strong replace them with new ones secured with 3-inch screws.

6. Secure or replace loose hinges

Similarly, check for loose hinges. You can resecure them if they are loose, or replace them with high security hinges fitted with ball bearing and non-removable pins to enhance their durability and security.

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7. Fortify door frame

Having a secure door is no good if the burglar can just attack the frame and break the door down that way. Be sure to secure door frames to the wall by installing several 3-inch screws along the frame and doorstop. The screws should preferably reach the wall stud to give maximum security.

8. Install door viewers and door guards

Digital door viewers and door guards allow you to identify visitors before opening the door, keeping you and your home safer.

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9. Trim trees and shrubs in the yard

Having trees and shrubs that hide you from neighbours and the road may offer privacy, but from a security point of view it is better to ensure a clear view with no easy places for burglars to hide. trim them to create a clear view, and even consider removing them if they can’t be trimmed.

10. Use outdoor lighting to keep all entrances well-lit

Photosensitive lights that switch on automatically at night eliminate hiding places for burglars.

11. Use door locks on garages and storage sheds

Garages and sheds make a great place to keep tools, especially ladders, away and out of sight of burglars who may use them to break in or to reach upper windows. Make sure they are secure at all times - or they could become an easy target.

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12. Install glass break detectors on windows

Glass break detectors are able to detect the sound of breaking glass, scaring off intruders and alerting your neighbors.

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13. Keep a home inventory up to date

Keep your list of valuables up-to-date. If something gets stolen, you can provide the necessary information to the police and home insurance company.

14. Test the alarm and keep activated

Home alarms are essential for home security and give an immediate warning of any illegal entry. Make sure the alarms are turned on and activated, and test your home alarm on a regular basis - checking for any upgrades to the software.

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