Front door security

The front door is the first line of defense against unlawful entry. Burglars often target a home with an unsecured front door. Nowadays, there is a variety of choices of entrance door locks, including innovative digital locks, high security door handle sets and mortise locks. As well as fitting door locks to secure your door, make sure there is a home alarm system to complete your comprehensive home security, with door viewer and door chain installed so that you can check who is at the door before allowing them inside.

Entrance Door Closers

Installing a door closer at the entrance door plays a comprehensive role in both security and safety. It lowers the risk of intrusion, as a spring-loaded door closer ensures that the door returns to its closed state after anyone passes through. It also acts as a cushion to a closing door, preventing it from injuring those who pass through.

Door Closer Type

Concealed door closers are preferred to prevent corrosion and physical damage factors.

Door Closer Size

The wider and heavier the door, the larger the spring size of the door closer is required to control the door. Size 3-4 is recommended for a normal entrance door.

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Entrance Door Hinges

It is recommended to choose ball bearing door hinges for entrance doors, as they are frequently used and ball bearings increase the durability of the door hinge. Make sure the door hinge material is rust and corrosion resistant. Brass, stainless steel and chromium are all acceptable materials. Non-removable pins in the door hinge will prevent thieves from tapping out the hinge. The door size determines the number and size of door hinges needed.

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Entrance Door Viewers

Burglaries where the homeowner is tricked into allowing a criminal into their home is an activity that is very much on the increase. Fitting and using a door viewer helps ensure that you know exactly who is at the door before allowing them inside.

Yale Digital Door Viewers display an image of the person who visits your door, providing a safe way to identify visitors and potential bogus callers before opening your door. With our premium model you can even record and store a photograph of the visitor complete with date and timestamp.

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Entrance Door Chains

Fitting and using a door chain helps ensure that you know exactly who is at the door before opening the door completely, thus lowering the chance of being attacked by the intruder.

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Entrance Door Locks

Regarding entrance door locks, you can choose between digital door locks, door handle-sets and mortise locks.

Digital Door Locks

The main advantage of a digital lock is its convenient, keyless door opening solution – electronic key, PIN code and even fingerprint. It eliminates every trouble that may arise from using a physical key.

In security terms, although the security of its door locks is similar to other products, it reduces the risk brought about from carelessness – lost keys, forgotten open doors, etc.

The final reason to pick a digital lock is subjective – to follow the future door lock trend. Digital door locks are now becoming more ubiquitous.

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Mortise Door Handle Sets

In addition to digital locks, mortise door handle sets are another popular choice for people pursuing complete peace of mind due to the highest entrance door security that it offers. Door handle-sets provide the highest level of key operated security and represent the industry standard of quality with its American Standard (ANSI) mortise lock.

Another reason for its popularity is its comprehensiveness. These door handle sets come in complete with matching front and back plates with door handles / door levers / door knobs and door cylinders and a mortise lock case. Homeowners do not need to match between door lock components.

Lastly is its appearance. Door handle-sets come in a variety of designs and finishes - from classic to contemporary to elegant – to fit every entrance door.

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Deadbolt+Door Knob-set/Door Lever-set

This is an economical choice for entrance door security. A single knob-set or door lever-set is not secure enough. Deadbolts act as complementary addition to enhance door security.

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Home Alarm Systems

Millions of households have installed home alarm systems in recently years to complete their front door security by adding a further level of protection. Alarms have evolved to become wireless, which provide flexibility to install on every door and window of your home. With precise movement detectors in place, the system will sound when triggered – both at home and on your smartphone. The system can also be activated and deactivated using the phone.

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