Back door security

Your back door is often out of sight, potentially making it one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. To ensure good back door security, mortise locks are usually fitted to back doors, with an alarm for additional level of protection to complete your peace of mind. You can also ensure your safety at the back door with a door closer.

Back Door Closers

Installing a door closer at the back door ensures security and safety. You may walk through the back door with both hands holding garbage bags. Spring-loaded door closers ensure your back door will be closed when you are outside the house to prevent intrusion, and eliminating the risk of forgetting to close the door after you get back inside your home. It also acts as a cushion to a closing door, preventing you from getting injured if both your hands are occupied.

Door Closer Type

Concealed door closers are preferred to prevent corrosion and physical damage factors, as the door closers are exposed outside.

Door Closer Size

The wider and heavier the door, the larger the spring size of door closers required to control the door. Size 2-3 is recommended for a normal back door.

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Back Door Hinges

Plain door hinges are enough for a back door, as they are not frequently used, but you need to make sure the door hinge material is rust and corrosion resistant. Brass, stainless steel and chromium are all acceptable materials. Non-removable pins will prevent thieves from tapping out the hinge.

Door size determines the number and size of door hinges needed.

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Back Door Locks

Mortise Locks

You can regard the back door as the first line of defense, same as the entrance door. Install a mortise lock that meets the European Standard (EN), fitting with the door lever to ensure highest back door security.

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Deadbolt + Door Knob-set/Door Lever-set

For easier and more economical installation, install a surface mounted key-in-door knob or door lever-set along with a deadbolt. It will be able to resist normal intrusion.

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Standalone Alarms

It is quite important to install an alarm at the back door, as the back door is often darker and out of the homeowner's sight. A standalone alarm can serve multiple purposes: to scare away intruders and provide you with an early notice of any intrusion, in order to gain time to call the police.

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