What benefits does a digital safe bring you?

Safety and convenience with digital safes

Traditionally, the hassle of opening mechanical safes mean only the most expensive, rarely used items are locked away leaving every-day valuables in drawers. But not anymore. Digital safes make it easy to access your valuables any time and ensure they are safe from theft, fire and the environment.

Access your valuables within a few seconds

Digital safes use a keypad and PIN making it a matter of pressing the correct sequence of buttons to access your valuables. It literally takes seconds. That’s a big improvement on traditional combination locks that require the lock to be turned one way and then the other – a task made even harder by small, hard-to-read numbers.

Even greater security

Made from the latest materials, digital safes normally come with reinforced hinges, bolts, wall and door to provide extra protection against physical attack. Many include an alarm that activates when an incorrect password has been used too many times or when the lock is attacked, such as the hinges being hammered. ( Certified digital safes )

Unlike mechanical safes, that generally have a four to 10 digit combination, digital safe combinations can be as complex as your memory can handle – there are up to 1 million variations.

Preserve your valuables against heat and humidity

Digital safes are often designed to withstand up to an hour of intense fire ( fire digital safes ). They are also water and vermin proof eliminating damage from humidity, dust and bugs. This combination makes digital safes ideal for protecting sensitive digital data, for instance external hard-drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs and tapes, and paper documents from passports and deeds, letters and photos, to business records.

Freedom to change combinations

Digital safes combinations can be set/changed as many times as needed, at no cost. Changing a mechanical safe combination, on the other hand, generally requires a certified locksmith. This convenient feature makes digital safes a perfect choice in situations where the combination is known to several people, such as a business where staff turnover will affect security.